Séance de yoga face à la mer


Every Wednesday at

9:15 am

Hatha & Yin

10:45 am

Gentle Yoga

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Hatha & Yin (at 9:15 am)

Active and then gentle yoga at the end, balancing and energizing at will.


Hatha yoga and yin yoga. Exploring postures and the fundamentals of a yoga practice bringing strength and flexibility in a moderate rhythm. To conclude the session, one or two yin yoga postures will be proposed. This is to prepare the body to welcome the summer heat. Yin yoga is practiced on the ground, the body is totally carried by accessories facilitating the integration of muscle postures and rest. 


You are requested to register to each class you wish to attend. Click on the Register button to notify us of your presence.

Gentle Yoga (at 10:30 am)

Gentle anti-stress regenerating yoga, access to meditation in motion.


This course is gentle: Hatha, yin yoga, gentle flow, visualizations. You will move the body smoothly while respecting what is present for you. Excellent for emptying, and coming into harmony with the body, breath, and mind. Wonderful course for the summer. 


You are requested to register to each class you wish to attend. Click on the Register button to notify us of your presence.

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Daniel Lapointe

Yoga Teacher

At 18, I started to practice Tai Chi which allowed me to have a connection with myself and with the energy of the earth. At 40, I tried Yoga and fell in love with the connection of the body and the spiritual.


Practicing yoga allows me to connect my body with universal energy.


Through postures, I developed strength, flexibility and endurance. The more I practice, the more my body transforms. Yoga is like the universe, there is no end. The more we practice, the more our mind and body change for the better and it is to infinity. 


In 2019, I trained in Pai, Thailand for 200 hours to become a yoga teacher. Every morning, I would wake up at 6:30 a.m. to practice and meditate. This training greatly enriched my knowledge of yoga and meditation. This has had a positive effect on my whole being.


My goal is always to acquire new knowledge to grow. I want to share my knowledge of yoga and meditation to help people grow and find themselves through their own experiences. 




Yoga Teacher

Faites de votre corps et de votre tête la plus belle maison du monde !!!

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